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Dogpatch is the city’s original mixed-use neighborhood with the best weather...



Dogpatch is the hottest neighborhood in San Francisco. Dogpatch is the city’s original mixed-use neighborhood with the best weather, a mouthwatering culinary scene and just a bit of a rough-and-tumble feel. Having recently converted dockside warehouses and factories into live-in artist studios and hip shared spaces, it's steadily gaining ground as the neighborhood to be in. Dogpatch is a gastronomically enticing destination, and foodies are flocking to its farm-to-table restaurant scene. Our favorite local destinations include Piccino, Recchiuti Confections, Serpentine and Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous.
A busy enclave of business and industry during the week, the weekends, however, it is the ideal place to unwind. For area residents, the weekends are time to chill, run into neighbors, and enjoy the relaxed feel. Let everything go while chilling out in Espirit Park, Wood Yards Park or while letting the kids go crazy at the Dogpatch Playground.
A hotbed of artistic, retail, and culinary activity, Dogpatch has an appeal extending far beyond the typical hipster set. Shops, galleries, and eateries fuel the whole crafts-and-cafés vibe of 22nd Street, while rehabbed warehouses incubate local businesses, giving the area a heavy dose of indie cred. All in an infinitely accessible setting—nearby Third Street light rail takes you right into the city, and Caltrain is just a hop-skip away for an easy Peninsula commute.

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